Computer Repairs Adelaide

Same Day Repair

We know how important your computer is to the individual and local businesses.

That's why we offer same day computer repair across the Metro Area. We may even be able to help repair your computer without even visiting your home!

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IT Services Adelaide

100% Satisfaction

We have hundreds of happy customers, both individuals and businesses, across Adelaide and South Australia. Offering a wide range of computer repair services we can meet everyone's needs both quickly and efficiently. Learn more about us and read previous customer's testimonials by clicking below.

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IT Support Adelaide

Working from Home ?

We can help you to work from home, your work data can even be accessible 'in the Cloud'. Call 0405 382433 for a prompt, cost effective service. Many IT problems arise from poor configuration and / or software installation issues. Let us do the job right for you - first time, we can configure your existing PC or Laptop and even a brand new PC right from the box to your desk.

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Computer Repairs Adelaide

Remote Support

We also offer remote support. This means we are equipped to help solve your IT problems across the whole of Australia! It's simple - all you need is internet access and your payment details and we'll be able to securely access your PC and solve any problems you may have.

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Call Now! 0405 382433 or 8381 6605 A/H

Computer Repairs Adelaide

Over 30 Years ‘Hands On’ IT Support and Network Experience

Increase Your Productivity

1Technology is supposed to improve efficiency and ultimately save you time. But, this only happens if you utilize the technology you have or invest in the right technology to get the job done. That’s where we come in.

Lower Your Technology Overheads

2Your own IT department without the high staff overheads. Financially it is much cheaper to have your IT outsourced than have full time IT employees. We provide the IT services and IT repair, you need, when you need it.

Data Protection & Management

3Data is the intellectual information generated as the result of doing business. It includes your accounting information, business correspondence, sales information, client records, office forms, Network and much more.

Better Understanding Of IT Technology

4Nobody knows your business better than you do. But unless your business is IT, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the rapidly changing IT Technology landscape. Let us handle your technology issues and repair them promptly

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