Data Cabling Adelaide

Data Cabling Adelaide

Very Important Information…

Data Cabling Adelaide. Any person carrying out work on Data Cabling or Telecoms Cabling MUST be a Qualified Registered Cabler AND be Registered with one of the five ACMA recognised ‘Cabler Registrars’.

An Electricians, ‘Electrical LicenceIS NOT a valid Telecommunication Cabling Registration. Before allowing ANY person to carry out Telecommunications / Network Cabling work, check that they are actually qualified and correctly registered. Remembering that an ‘Electrical Licence’ is NOT a valid ‘Telecommunications Cabler Qualification’… 

Always ask to see your Telecommunications Cabler’s valid registration card !!  (Only, ACRS, ASIAL, BRCA, FPAA & TITAB registration cards are valid with the ACMA.)

It is illegal for anyone to work on Data Cabling or Telecoms Cabling without an ACMA approved Cabler Registration and the appropriate Training and Endorsements applicable to the work being carried out.


You need experts with years of experience installing data cabling and telecoms systems.

Data cabling Adelaide. Cabling can be extremely complex.  Add in Servers, Network devices, VoIP and Backups to Computers and Network attached Storage drives and it can equate to many metres of cabling, all of which has to be in the right place, installed correctly and tested to provide the correct performance.  Trying to manage a complete network of computers, servers, network devices, drives and telephone systems whilst carrying out your other duties could be a recipe for disaster.

That is why you need a professional team of qualified Registered Cabling Technicians to manage all of your data cabling. We are Registered Open Cablers with the ACRS. As ‘Master Cablers’ we are continually updating our expertise and qualifications. Having recently attained the very highly regarded ‘Certificate 3 in Telecommunications’ Qualifications, which includes specialities in Structured (Cat5, Cat6, etc) and also Fibre Optical and Co-Axial cabling.

Our many years of industry experience has helped hundreds of people and businesses across South Australia overcome their data cabling problems and concerns – allow them to focus on running their business and committing to more important tasks.

Implemented correctly, Data Cabling is a very delicate and time-consuming process – with one wrong move potentially resulting in the loss of years of hard-work and data. Is it really worth the risk using inexperienced and unqualified people?

We also provide and install ADSL2+ Central Filters and can troubleshoot your existing telephone cabling…

Currently, we are the preferred Telecoms Cablers for a number of Australian Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) We can provide cost effective MDF and IDF ‘Jumpering’ (also known as ‘A to B’ Jumpering) especially for tenants of Units and Apartments.

Let Adelaide IT take the strain, and put our Data Cabling and Telecoms expertise to good use by managing all of your Networking and Telecommunication needs.


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